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  • 3D / Physical / Installation

Uzan is a fictional post-rap experimental pop artist. Born into a digital age they find intrigue in the technology of the past. The raw grit and grainy texture emerging from the dated tools adds a foundation of nostalgia for something that will never exist. Entitled Vestige, the album explores the throw-away culture of the digital age trapped in a web of information.

This design elements were built using an old digital8 camcorder, an old Japanese television, a VCR, and an old piece of tape from the back of the TV for texture. Also, hand lettering and stenciling with chalk and paint. It was my intention to really extract as much as energy from analog tools as possible to create the grungy texture from a pre-digital age. These items are in the first picture.

This all with the caveat that I used Adobe to set the logotype, the type layout on vinyl, and put everything in it's final presentation.

The source.

When printing a test run for the vinyl packaging, the universe blessed me with a clogged printer head and the result honestly looked and felt right with the concept of the project. So, I kept it.

VHS promo featuring a music video and a pull out mini-poster.

Promo poster with the release date for the album.

Some of the main photography shots used for the album art.