The logo for the gourmet s'more eatery. The theme would be street art-esque.

The menu for Gimme S'more would be a die-cut of the logo with the menu on it.

One of the "take home" items from the eatery would a matchbox designed to look like a s'more being pulled apart when opening.

This take home kit would include all of the ingredients to recreate a gourmet s'more at home. The flavor that was purchased would reflect the outside design on the box.

The coasters would resemble a s'more on one side and have a repeating pattern of the logo on the other side with an illustration of the s'mores on top.

Mobile advertisement for Gimme S'more.

Print advertisement for Gimme S'more depicting different s'mores offered stacked on top of each other to show what all Gimme S'more has to offer.