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UN Magazine


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  • Design — Publications

UN magazine highlights the lives, careers and dreams of women, both ordinary and exceptional. It exists to provide and promote women role models, those whose lives we can aspire to and be inspired by.

It demonstrates that women are just as capable as men at being graffiti artists, music producers, game developers, etc.

The name derives women being undistracted, undeterred, unbreakable unafraid, etc.

All photos taken by designer.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

The departments are a callback to the title of the magazine, “UN.”

The (editor) Woman Setting Standards

Graffiti Artist Feature

Graffiti Artist Feature, page 2

Graffiti Artist Feature, page 3

Game Developer Feature

Game Developer Feature, page 2

Game Developer Feature, page 3

Music Producer Feature

Music Producer Feature, page 2

Music Producer Feature, page 3