The World Giraffe Fund, the nonprofit who spend their days protecting our long-necked friends, have officially deemed giraffes as a vulnerable species. They can't save them alone, but Twiga Tower can help

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The mailer that 'Stands Tall.'

Caption 1: Giraffes can see their predators from miles away, but they can't see their own future.

Caption 2: Giraffes have trouble navigating the floods, but we can help them navigate their futures.

Caption 3: Acacia trees rely on giraffes. Giraffes rely on you.

Twiga Tower will team up with Tentree who are avid environmentalists to create a line of eco-friendly Twiga socks.

Every eco-friendly product Tentree sells, they plant 10 trees in Africa.

The VIP donors receive a handmade blanket from Ethiopia made from recycled plastic.