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The Hunters Being Hunted


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  • Itzel Guzman, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Cole Frieder, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Design — Other / Just for Fun

Grab a rifle, get ready to aim
It’s time for this bear to hunt for some game
Skinny or fat, short or tall
No human is too big or too small
The more I collect, the better the thrill
I won’t stop until this house I fill

Why catch one human when you can catch plenty
You caught two? Well I caught twenty
You may not need them all and that’s okay
Because we’re the predator and they’re the prey
The humans aren’t able to breed fast
But those who don’t finish first, finish last

One by one we watch them burn
You had your fun, it’s now our turn
We burn the houses to make room for trees
We hear the people cough and wheeze
But that’s just life, what can we do?
There’s not enough room for me and you