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The Gummy Outcast Sanctuary Trading Cards


  • Sarah Abrams, Copywriter, 4th quarter
  • Sarah Abrams, Art Director, 4th quarter


  • Advertising — OTHER

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Haribo sells more than gummy bears. Honestly, the bears have had the spotlight on them for far too long. What about the frogs? Or the snakes? Or the dinosaurs? They deserve some loving too. And that's exactly how the Gummy Outcast Sanctuary began.

Each Gummy Outcast has its own trading card, which tells the PG-13 story of how they ended up at the sanctuary. Those trading cards can be found inside Haribo packages. The outcast that corresponds with the trading card, will also be in the package. There is only one of them in each bag, which gives them big misfit energy. This also gives consumers an opportunity to try the gummy beforehand. Once they try the gummy and have their trading card, they'll see an intro card with a QR Code. That QR code gives them 25% a bag of whichever misfit they found.

The front of the introduction card.

This is the back of the introduction card. It has the QR code for the coupon, as well as an explanation of what the consumer found.