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Sun in my Belly



  • Design — Branding


  • Winter 2020

Sun in My Belly is a staple of Kirkwood, with prime real estate, a charming atmosphere, and delicious food. The branding, however, is lacking. My concept is based in German mythology. SIMB as it exists has a lot of greenery in the space and a lot of herbs incorporated into their menu. I decided to lean into botanicals with their new identity.

The concept is based on the musings of philosopher Paracelsus. He believed there are beings in accordance with each element of Earth. Gnomes (Earth), undines (water), salamanders (fire), and sylphs (air). Gnomes, the beings most closely linked to the earth, embody the desire to work with physical matter.
The new Sun in my Belly is a hub for these beings. Born out of SIMB, green, growth and new life. The gnomes nurture this new life by caring for the Earth and all those that visit.

My goal was to meld German folklore with southern charm. Creating a dreamy space that you could enter and believe that their are gnomes and slyphs maintaining the world around us.

Environmentally, the new space will be inspired by a greenhouse with so much green that you cannot see the walls. It will feel as though you have stepped into a garden. The colorway was inspired by folklore, colors rich with life and wisdom. The new typemark incorporates a typeface inspired by German blackletter.

A big part of the new identity is introducing the halftone texture. I used texture on top of texture to really create a physical experience. The halftone treatment brings a since of comfort, almost as if you were looking through a screen door on your porch out into the garden. The illustrations were done by hand and colored offset. These illustrations give us a peak into the beings that created the space, and maintain it. They balance a more serious and muted texture with a friendly and vibrant illustration.