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Shadow by Macklemore & IRO Kinetic Type


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  • Sam Fowler, Designer, 6th quarter


  • Design — Motion Graphics

There are two versions of this video. This purely type video brings focus to the powerful words of this song. It is the first song that I've heard that accurately depicts pretending to be bright and cheery, which I represented with the bright colors, while battling the darkness of your own mind. If you didn't know me well, I would probably come across as a happy-go-lucky optimist. In reality, I've spent my life battling PTSD, ADHD, depression, OCD, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts (not to mention an autoimmune disease where my body destroys itself). I am happy, but it's because I've faced those inner demons and fought hard to bring my shadowed messes to light where they can't scare me. This song is more specifically about addiction, something I saw tear my family apart until we faced our shared shadows. We have all felt, or known someone who has felt this internal civil war. I hope the juxtaposition of truthful lyrics and bright design shows the contrast of living life in light and dark mode at the same time.