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Shadow by Macklemore & Iro- Kinetic Type (with video background)


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  • Sam Fowler, Designer, 6th quarter


  • Design — Motion Graphics

There are two versions of this video, both powerful in different ways. This one focuses on the people affected by mental health disorders and addiction. The lyrics "running from my shadow" not only refers to the internal battle when fighting your very own mind; but also to the shadow that your struggle lives in. There is a clip added of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, something that happens anonymously and in the shadows, though it is one of the most healing resources for those struggling with addiction. You can't escape what is inside of you, only learn to harness your strengths and eclipse fear with hope. Not an easy task. I chose the video clips to represent the array of people who struggle with mental illness and addiction. We all know someone. I've dealt with mental illness all my life and have seen addiction tear my family and others apart. This song was the first I've found to accurately represent going about a cheery life (seen in the bright colors) while "running from your shadow".