Illustration and flat layout for the album for Prey On Sundae's single- Confession Stand. The gorillas I drew based on a photo I took at the zoo. They posed like a rock band and I was mind blown. They became the center of my vision for this fantasy band loosely on based on Panic! At the Disco.

Main Record Album. Gorilla Warfare by Prey on Sundae.

Inside of Gorilla Warfare album. These faces were actually colorized versions of doodles my brother did while he was in rehab. He doodled them in a therapy session when his counselor asked what he saw in his brain. Wild. I loved it and asked if I could use them in my designs.

Prey on Sundae band merch beanie. Real beanie which I like to sport now with my little gorilla ice cream man.

Band logo on a tank. This ice cream man was the base to the design being very splattered, colorful, and sweetly insane.

Prey on Sundae poster. A vibrant chaos.

Holographic cd case front.

Holographic cd inside.