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Pleco by BRITA


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  • Integrated Campaign

As an assignment, we were tasked with developing a product-based extension for an existing brand. Pleco by Brita was developed with the mission of vastly reducing the amount of microfibers that enter our water cycle every day due to the shedding fabrics from a load of laundry.

One piece of synthetic clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash. The more that fibers are present in our environment, the more they will be consumed by wildlife. They’re a contributing factor in the bleaching of the coral reefs. Brita is committed to providing clean, high quality water to their consumers. Pleco furthers that cause.

The pleco logo is a mark that identifies the new product as sleek and innovative, while also natural with its wide curvature

In the cause to reduce the number of microfibers released into our waters, it's important to create a way for people to identify their invisible pollutants. The microfiber visualizations are distorted forms that are identifiable as something that does not belong, while also relating back to the brand by using the original curved form as the basis.


Experiential installation


Tax credit available as a perk for a conscious purchase

Advertising campaign