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Pepto Bismol – Social Campaign


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  • Emily Hill, Art Director, 8th quarter
  • Patrick Stogner, Copywriter, 8th quarter


  • Advertising — Digital, Social, Interactive

There are plenty of times and places where one might suddenly need Pepto. Stay prepared, don’t let the fun come to a halt.

We don’t need to embarrass anyone by throwing our name everywhere. Wherever you might need us, we’ll keep life moving for you.

Pepto will have people post pictures/videos of themselves in dire situations where Pepto would help them with the hashtag #PeptoChallenge.

Pepto will pick their favorites and send them personalized bottles.

Enjoy our captions.

Left: About to run the Krispy Kreme 5k… It’s for a great cause, but everyone ends up puking. I’ll be bringing a gallon of @PeptoBismol with me just in case LOL. #PersonalBottle #5k #PeptoSavesLives #PeptoChallenge

Right: My parents are making me come with them on a cruise -- but boats make me puke like every time. Help me @PeptoBismol, you’re my only hope. #HookABrotherUp #PB #PeptoSavesLives #NoSeaLegs #PeptoChallenge

Personalized bottles that will be given to people that win the #PeptoChallenge