The Missouri Belle Casino is a huge part of Netflix’s hit crime drama, Ozark. After all, how else is Marty Byrde going to launder $500 million for the Mexican Drug Cartel? To promote the fourth season of the show, we’ll create an experiential casino night across the US, where participants will be given “money” to clean throughout the event.

Instagram Stories

Sponsored Instagram polls will ask possible participants about their personality to determine if they’re fit to work with the Byrdes. After answering, they will be led to the event’s sign up page.

Event Sign Up Page

After signing up for the event online, participants will be sent an email confirmation with a note about the event (left invite). However, worthy participants that met the Byrdes’ criteria in the Instagram polls will be sent a surprise email confirmation (right invite).

Ozark emblems will be featured around cities prior to The Missouri Belle’s arrival. Symbols within the emblem will have icons related to the city and casino, which will also serve as a scannable QR code for the event’s sign up page.

Branded Event Materials