As long as women in society are evolving, so are we.
Miss America already announced that we will no longer judge outer appearance, but that wasn't enough. In order to elect the best female representative for our nation, America needs to meet her.
So here she is…Ms. America.

In order to bring the pageant into 2020 socially and technologically, we created a documentary series bringing Miss America to streaming services. People built connections with the contestants, which invested America enough to watch the finale : the live competition. Here's how we did it:

Examples of the first five episodes to get a feel for the informational, but drama-filled series.

Promoting the series:

Placed in a male-dominated space: Wall St. in front of Fearless Girl.

Placed in our nation's capital.

Placed in front of makeup stores.

Miss America will continue pushing the competition’s evolution on the feed that cares the most about outer appearance.

Women aren’t nearly loud enough about their accomplishments.
We will create #theresheis, where women can nominate each other to celebrate their accomplishments on social media to continue emphasizing the change in Ms. America’s priorities.