Moxi gives you the confidence to fully express yourself.

Show Your Moxi

When you’re skatin’ in a pair of Moxis, you give zero f*cks about bruises, bosses, breakups…You do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.

Skate Mode Activated (Guerilla)

WEEK 1 Mural

WEEK 2 Mural

WEEK 3 Mural

Sidewalk Skate Mode Activated

Hill Bomb Skate Mode Activated

Skate Park Skate Mode Activated


We’ve branded ourselves all over different cities, with #showyourMoxi. The hashtag was meant to incite User Generated Content where fellow skates post pics/videos of them showing their Moxi. We then collect these different posts, “Moxify” them a bit, and repost them on our account for all 346,000 followers to see.

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