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Monster Energy: Reject Reality


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  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

Monster Energy doesn’t advertise. They sponsor. So, let’s turn our dedicated drinkers into vocal brand ambassadors.

If your Monster Energy-energy rejects reality, we’ll sponsor you. For real.

What’s Monster Energy-energy? It’s literally anything.
Show us what your Monster Energy-energy is with #REJECTREALITY and you’ll get sponsored.

Follow the unique link we send you to discover your #REJCTREALITY name.


Don't forget to claim your free sponsored gear. We'll mail you a can of Reject Reality, stickers, and a sponsorship certificate.
Monster fanatics already collect their cans for points, they anticipate promotions (for real, you can buy Monster tabs on eBay). So, we’ll also offer custom merch like hats and hoodies by redeeming tabs.

Upload your photo for your own Hype Video. We’ll post it on Stories, Tik Tok, and play them during Monster sponsored events like UFC.

You’ll also get your own official sponsorship post that we’ll share on our feed and you can share on yours.

Micro Media Buys
We’re going to generate targeted media buys within a 1 mile radius of our sponsees for the next 24 hours so their hype video will show up on all their friends’ feeds.

And the Cycle Repeats Itself. Post with your REJECT REALITY gear to earn tab points and a shout out on social.

The result? Hoards of new loyalists, a ton of Monster sold, a vision for the future, and a whole lot of noise. And that’s for real.