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Keep It Noist


  • Taylor Hagin, Copywriter, 7th quarter
  • Lauren Byers, Art Director, 7th quarter


  • Advertising — TV / Video


  • Winter 2020

Moist has consistently been voted the most hated word in America. Yet, cuts heal best when they are clean, moist and covered. Let’s take back the word moist and make it the go-to word in healing. How? By creating a word of our own: Noist. Which means nice and moist. Spread on some noist Neosporin and feel better.

Whatchu got against moisture?

Black and white billboards come to life in the rain to remind people that a little moisture never hurt anyone. In fact, it can make things a lot more fun.

With our new travel kits, you’ve got everything you need to stay clean, noist and covered at all times.