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Jeep Wave: If you know, you know


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  • Itzel Guzman, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Cole Frieder, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Advertising — Digital, Social, Interactive

A Jeep isn’t just a car, it’s a lifestyle. Jeep culture is all about adventure, discovery, and freedom. And no one understands this better than the Jeep family. Because it may all start with a simple finger wave, but it goes even beyond that. If you know, you know. But if you don’t, then it’s probably because you don’t drive a Jeep.

Censored Jeep Wave
The censored Jeep wave campaign will be sponsored ads on Instagram by Jeep. People who own a Jeep or know about the Jeep life will know that the hand being censored is actually a Jeep wave. On the Instagram ads, the Jeep Wave Secret Society account will be tagged.

The account will be private, so you have to wait until @JeepWaveSecretSociety approves your request. This creates exclusivity and it also intrigues people’s interest. Only verified Jeep owners who are enthusiastic about the brand will be able to join.

How the page looks like to the public

How the account looks like after you are accepted.

Swipe to Configure (Insta Feed)
Jeep can be customized in many different ways. In the secret society's feed, carousels will show different add-ons you can buy for your Jeep. These add-ons will be tagged with Jeep partners so that followers can buy the things they like.

Jeep owners like to show off their cars. That’s why every month we’ll be featuring one of them.

Customization Offers (Stories)
With the different partnerships, there will be special discount offers featured in our stories. These promotions will be for a limited time only and show up at random.

Jeep Wave Secret Society (Facebook)
The Facebook group for the Jeep Wave Secret Society will be on the bio on the Instagram page. This group will have more user-generated content, but it will still include special offers and discounts to group members.

Jeep Waze Extension
One of the partnerships mentioned on the Instagram and Facebook feed will be the Waze navigation app. Users will be able to customize their Waze app to have a Jeep icon on the navigation screen.

Just click on the wave icon in the settings, verify that you’re a Jeep owner, and then you’ll be able to select a Jeep as your icon.

Another added bonus will be the ability to see other Jeep drivers on the map while you’re using the app. So make sure you have your Jeep wave ready.