How to Mount Your Work

Congratulations, you won… something! You’ll find out exactly what medal you won at the actual award show.

In the meantime, it’s time to print and mount your work. Here are some tips to get it looking good. After all, it will be on the walls for a couple of years, so we want it to look good.

  1. Redesign? You might need to design something to better represent the work in print. E.g. You can’t print a video, so you might pick the 4-6 best still frames and arrange them in a cool way for the printed version. Be creative and show your work off!
  2. QR codes. Video, audio, and interactive work should have a QR code, linking to the work online in a place where it will stay available for years. That could be a youtube or soundcloud link, or anywhere else you can count on it staying. Any old QR code generator will work fine.
  3. Paper. Print on good thick paper. The Circus’s color printer always has the good stuff.
  4. Glue. Use proper glue, like Super 77, to mount it to mat board or foam core. Again, years. Don’t be that guy with an Elmers gluestick whose work is peeling off in a year.
  5. Tools. Use a ruler and an x-acto to carefully trim the work down to size. Glue the paper to the board first, and then cut through both together. Cut slow, with multiple passes. Don’t cut your fingers off.
  6. Label. On the back of each board, adhere a label. It helps us organize all the work. Where’s the label? It’s generated by the student show website. Just go to your project page again, and press print– it’ll reformat the page into the label.
  7. Addie. Take the work to Addie Lewis, your student services coordinator.

Questions? Ask Addie or Chris.