How To Enter

  • 1

    Create an account on this site. You can do that here.
    If you've already got an account, click here to log back in.

  • 2

    Log in, and make a new "post" for each submission.

  • 3

    Get it looking the way you want, by adding all your stuff, and then "previewing" your post. Go back and edit it if you want.

  • 4

    Go to the preview of your submission, and print it. It will print a different, stripped down version of the page for you to cut out and affix to the back of each of your boards. This is very important, so Nicole can keep things organized, know who submitted what, and keep campaigns together.

  • 5

    If you have any work that doesn't work in print, such as videos, audio, games, apps, websites, etc., generate a QR code for each one, and make a board with some stills and/or explanation of the piece, plus the QR code for people to scan and see the piece for real.
    Here's a free QR code generator

  • 6

    Print and mount your boards. Maximum of 8. Use an exacto knife and a ruler, not scissors, saws, teeth, or whatever some of those kids used last quarter. Use Super-77, not spray mount, or your work will be falling off the wall in a few weeks. If you screw up the printing or mounting, do it again. This will be representing your school to all visitors for at least 6 months, more if it's good.

    Put velcro on the back of the boards, so Nicole can hang it. There's velcro outside her office.

  • 7

    Give your boards to Nicole, (or if it's a physical piece, give her that).