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Home Depot


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  • Dani Grimm , Art Director, 5th quarter, visit portfolio
  • Patrick Stogner , Copywriter, 8th quarter


  • Advertising — Print


At a glance:
It doesn’t have to be daunting to make your home a dream.

“I want to give my family an awesome home, but there always seems to be something preventing me from starting.”

How can we convince people to start that “someday” project today, and start it at Home Depot?

Life slipping through your fingers. An house that feels unfinished, and un-home.

Darling partner who I’m not at all frustrated with,
Dave, I’ve loved watching the Terminator series with you. All 14 times. But your sci-fi obsession is starting to mess with your mind. Time MAY be a construct, sure. Maybe we live in a simulation, yeah.
Maybe your existential tirade after The Matrix marathon had some truth.

But honey… you’ve been ‘renovating the bathroom’ for six months.
I need my bathroom back Dave.
We are in our 40’s, and we’ve been sharing a toilet with our 17-year-old daughter.

Time adds up. I know you spent 4 hours in the grocery store last week… And that’s okay, I guess.
But we live 5 minutes from a Home Depot. The things you need to finish exist in THIS universe, and they’re all in one spot Dave.
Please, for the love of all things holy, let’s boldly go where plenty have gone before.

Life without excuse

Listen up, Son…

I think it was our favorite cartoon squid who asked, “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?”
You’re probably wondering why I took the time to mail you a letter. Well, I’m just old school.
Plus, the whole family has heard you TALK about renovations for years…

We always believe “tomorrow me” will feel less overwhelmed by life. But it’s a game we play (and a game we lose! Remember that Die Hard-themed man cave you were going to build?).
Kicking the can down the road is what Granny did for fun as a kid, not a way of life.

Maybe things feel daunting because you think you have to do them alone. You don’t!
‘Tomorrow you’ isn’t worried. ‘Today you’ needs some expertise.
Take it from someone older and balder: Two heads are better than one, and the days aren’t getting any longer.
Love, Dad
P.S.: Call your mother!
Life without excuse

Dearest Baby Boo-Boo Brother of mine,

Do you remember what time felt like when we were kids? I do.
A year may as well have been a decade. And to a kid, “I promise” means you promised. You don’t wanna be *that dad* who over-promised, do you?

I know, you have every intention of building that treehouse. Intentions are easy.
But they’re not results – especially to a 9-year-old. And every day they’re not climbing a rope ladder up to their secret fort, you’re losing ‘cool points’.

I’m tryin’ to help you out here. The kids can’t make-believe a treehouse into existence.
Don’t make me step in and be the way-cooler uncle -- there’s a Home Depot a mile from your house.
Thank me later when the kids become forest rangers or environmental scientists because a tablet wasn’t the most exciting thing in
the backyard.

Uncle Drew

Life without excuse.