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Get Lost


  • Micah Tiffin, Art Director, 4th quarter
  • Sarah Abrams, Copywriter, 4th quarter
  • Stephen McDaniel, Copywriter, 4th quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

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Brand-Pelican Kayaks
Strategy-Pelican Kayaks give you personal freedom.
Concept-Get Lost: The serene ride on a Pelican Kayak gives your mind the freedom to wonder, without being interrupted by the real world.

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We intend to place a similar text-stream of consciousness on the floor of an REI. As you walk through the store, you can follow these meandering thoughts. At the end, you will find yourself in front of the kayak section.

OOH Copy: What did I come here for again? Oh, that's right, bear repellent. Even though I've never seen a bear. It’s just a nice thing to have handy when you’re constantly outdoors. Maybe I should get bug spray too, there’s gonna be lots of mosquitoes at the cabin. Nowhere will be safe, except maybe the middle of the lake.