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Frankie Presto Book Cover


  • Kate Yoo, Designer, 5th quarter


  • Design — Physical / Installation


  • Winter 2020

Campish book cover design for the book "The magic strings of Frankie Presto." The book is about Frankie Presto, who is an astounding guitar player, which is illustrated by the guitar string and wood panel on the book spine. The book further illustrates the hardship that Frankie had to go through, hence the guitar strings piercing through the books. Such hardship was his guitar lessons. He didn't just become a great guitarist overnight, his mentor who is blind taught Frankie and later in the book finds out that he was his father (who is a major role in the book, which the book is all covered by). The overall book is about how Frankie changes six lives (the six guitar strings on the front cover) and later finds that it all comes back to him, which the twisted (intertwined) guitar strings on the back cover demonstrates.

Front of the Book

Back of the Book