Penguin books is looking for a way to engage millennial readers with their books beyond the pages.

As one of the fastest growing book genres, self-improvement books having been growing in popularity most notably amongst young readers. The solitary nature of reading self-improvement books, however, makes it difficult to implement what was learned once the book is put down.

Fin.spiration is a campaign launch that encourages long-term engagement with self-improvement books. During the first week of Self-Improvement Month in September, all readers who finish any book e-book in Penguin’s “Self-Improvement” genre are surprised with an e-vite to video chat with the author of the book. They are welcome to share their stories, receive advice, and tell the authors directly how their books have inspired them.

For the rest of the month, all readers who finish the books gain access to Fin.spiration Forums, where they are able to engage in discussions with fellow readers as well as the author.

Fin.spiration will encourage people to engage in long-term commitment with literature by rewarding completion of books as well as connecting like-minded people for continual support and accountability.