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Dr. Urple’s Sun Lab, DIY Suncare Kit


  • Kate Yoo, Designer, 5th quarter
  • Leah Hale, Art Director, 1st quarter
  • Ender Isin, Designer, 5th quarter
  • Emily Morely, Designer, 5th quarter
  • Carolyn Asman, Designer, 5th quarter


  • Design — Physical / Installation


  • Winter 2020

Dr. Urple's Sun Lab is a DIY sunscreen kit for children ages 3 to 8. Applying sunscreen can be a hassle for eager children who want to jump into the cold pool. Our solution was to create a kit for parents and children to get their mad scientist vibe on and create a reusable and natural sunsreen that kids will want to put their creation onto their bodies.
Our kit includes three secret concoctions, lotion bottle, spray bottle, a tin, a sun stick, spoon and a funnel. The bucket can be used for other reusable purposes such as on the beach or other outings.