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DoorDash: Gifts good enough to eat.


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  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

Do you know the difference between the food delivery apps? DoorDash is the one that sends gifts. With DoorDash's new "send as a gift" option, the app will be top of mind for gestures, both big and small.
If you're going to send a gift, send something everyone wants: food.

The gift option will now be included the navigation bar with a new icon.
If you click it, it immediately asks for the new address, and then shows you restaurants available for their location. Once you add your items, you can add a note and the recipient's phone number.

Every driver will have a supply of gift bags. They can put the delivery bag inside of these to improve the gift-giving experience.

The campaign:

Anyone who sends a gift during the holiday season will also give a gift to the less fortunate.
We’ll have pop up ads on the app detailing the promotion.