Does Anyone Else is an anonymous, online grief counseling service for teens. There will be access to one on one counseling as well as support groups that users can join and interact with on a weekly basis.

The identity is meant to be empathetic and welcoming.

Posters will be placed around schools to raise subtle awareness about the service.

Each new user will complete a quiz asking about their loss and feelings towards it. This information is kept anonymous from other users and is only visible to the user and their counselor.

Users are kept anonymous by just displaying a simple illustration in the color of their choice. Only licensed counselors' photos will be visible in the side menu and in the support group chatrooms.

Each support group is monitored and moderated by a licensed counselor. The counselor will ensure that the conversation is kept appropriate, safe, and anonymous for all users.

Enamel pins are sent out to users so they can put them on their clothes, backpacks, etc. so other kids at school who may be going through the same thing can recognize each other. Sort of like a secret handshake that only Does Anyone Else members know about.