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Desperate Housewares- If This Lightly Used Loveseat Could Talk


  • Andrew Tuchel, Copywriter, 5th quarter


  • Advertising — Digital, Social, Interactive

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Every piece of used furniture has a story. If you’ve ever bought furniture second-hand, you’ve wondered what kind of life it's lived up until you crossed paths with it. For some people this is a large part of the appeal.

Was it a prop on a popular TV show? An unpopular TV show? Was it in the living room of a famously eccentric local millionaire and then auctioned off after "The Scandal?" Did somebody’s parents fall in love on this thing? Was it fought over in the divorce? Would it rather forget the 80’s happened?

By listing individual pieces for sale in places where our target already looks for furniture (Craigslist, OfferUp, Ebay, et al.) with funny and imaginative stories, we’ll give pieces with figurative personality literal personality.

Links on each ad will take whomever clicks it to a landing page specific to the item they were interested in, which will then prompt them to sign up for the Desperate Housewares mailing list for a discount at checkout, as well as other incentives. People who sign up for the mailing list will receive emails specific to that same item.

Ads are presented here in the order they'd be encountered, i.e. listing -> landing page -> email.