Decatur is a city located East of Atlanta and is known for its quirky residents and downtown area filled with restaurants and shops. The problem is that it’s hard to be spontaneous and walk around to different shops when you’re waiting for the restaurant hostess to call your name. This kiosk allows people to put their name on the list at any of the restaurants in downtown, while also giving them the freedom to walk around and explore other places while they wait. This will keep restaurant entry ways less crowded and users can use their waiting time more efficiently.

The home page is the user’s one-stop shop. On the left is a list of restaurants in the weekly spotlight which is constantly highlighting different local spots. On the right, users have a condensed version of the questionnaire used to help them find the right restaurant for the occasion.

Users can fill in the form in order to find their perfect restaurant match.

Users will then see their top three matches. This is to help users make a quick decision without having the stress of too many options.

Once users decide where they want to eat, they submit their phone number to secure their place in line.

This screen lets users know their spot in line is good to go and they will receive a text when their table is ready.

The attract loop will play continuously while the kiosk is not in use