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Deathmatch Poster



  • Design — Books / Music / Posters


  • Winter 2020

This poster was a project for a class called Deathmatch. In this design class, students were given large scale projects with 1 week deadlines. Their work was submitted to judges and ranks were given for the top design and the bottom design each week, hence the numbering on the poster. This project was meant to portray the students feelings of the class.

I felt like the pressure of deadlines and judgement wore on me and reminded me of the ocean washing over rocks until they are dust. That was the concept for this poster. Acrylic and graphite manipulated in photoshop.

This is the center of the poster which was done with acrylic paint. I dragged a ragged piece of cardboard over wet paint, then held it in the rain to give it a weathered effect.

This was drawn with graphite and used at the top and bottom of the poster. At the bottom, the piece is inverted.