Eat Cheetos Your Way

Cheetos Dusters: The Dustmanity

The best part of Cheetos is the flavor-packed dust. The only problem—it’s messy as heck. We’ve separated the Cheetos from the dust, allowing you to add as much or as little flavor as you want, all while keeping your hands clean.

Everyone dips Cheetos their own way; from carefully curated to horrendous-mouth-stuffing-like-that-scene-in-Spirited-Away-when-the-ghost-thing-eats-people, there’s no wrong answers, just different personalities enjoying it their way. So we found, documented, and reported these unique styles and matching personas, and let you witness The Dustmanity!!

Phase 1

Teaser Video

Product Reveal

New Flavor Introductions

Lemon Pepper Cheetle

Chipotle Cheetle

Phase 2 - Introducing the Dippers
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