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Care Cup


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  • Emily Delilus, Art Director, 4th quarter


  • 3D / Physical / Installation

The Care Cup is a portable hygiene cup made to provide easy access to essentials by fitting into your car’s cupholder. It contains CDRH-approved face masks and hand sanitizer, so you’re never without them when running errands, driving to work, or completing other essential activities. With Care Cup, your hygiene essentials stay together so that you can stay healthy.

Our “new normal” has caused all of us to change how we conduct our everyday lives. One habit we've had to adapt to is bringing a mask and sanitizer everywhere we go. I noticed that whenever I left to run an essential errand during the first few weeks of the Stay-At-Home Order, my face masks would always lay strewn across my passenger seat and my hand sanitizer somewhere rolling around in the backseat. I longed for a neat place to have easy access to these things if I was going to need them every time I left my house. From this frustration, the Care Cup was born. The cup keeps everything one needs to safely go out in public again right by one’s side in the car’s cupholder, so hygiene essentials are never forgotten or misplaced ever again.

The logo design is two masks coming together to make the shape of a heart. Wearing a mask out in public is not just for the safety of ourselves, but for the safety of others around us as well. When these two masks meet, they create a heart shape, symbolizing that when we take necessary hygiene precautions ourselves, we are caring for those around us as well. The copy on the inside of the container is light-hearted and friendly, and the bubbles peppered around brighten up the component in order to bring positivity to a difficult time.

Care Cup Sleeve and Container

Care Cup Sleeve

The Care Cup is made to fit perfectly in your car's cup holder.