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Canada Goose – Conquer Cold


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  • Sabrina Cavanagh, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Itzel Guzman, Copywriter, 6th quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

Even during the winter months, life keeps happening. Just because it’s cold outside the world doesn’t stop and you shouldn’t either. With Canada Goose, you can conquer cold.

Print 1. These patch-inspired print ads mimic the iconic Canada Goose patch on the jacket. With these patches, we want to encourage people to explore the outdoors during winter. We want to express that feeling trapped in the winter is a choice, but instead, you can choose Canada Goose.

Print 2

Print 3

Canada Goose has their iconic logo sewn onto all of their products. We want to alter this logo/badge to represent different situations that people go through daily in the cold weather. Canada Goose understands the cold and want to reward people with a badge for braving out this weather instead of staying indoors.

"Badge of Honor" patch options. Canada Goose would advertise these badges on social media and encourage people to go outside during winter with the hashtag, #ConquerCold.

Insta Ad 1. Caption: For venturing outside during these chilling temperatures, we would like to honor you with this badge. Visit our website for details. #ConquerCold

Insta Ad 2. Caption: Get rewarded for taking your pet out on a stroll in this freezing weather. Check out our website for more info. #ConquerCold

Insta Ad 3. Caption: You like to ski, even when the harsh, cold wind whips your face. Show off your dedication with this badge. View our website for details. #ConquerCold

Insta Ad 4. Caption: Bask in your accomplishments and soak in the views. You’ve earned this badge for hiking 14,000 feet. Learn more on our website. #ConquerCold

Patch Logistics: When going onto Canada Goose’s website, you can earn these patches by uploading a photo to our website of doing the variety of activities that we have patches for. You can either replace the patch on your jacket, or continue to add to your Canada Goose patch collection for a small price.

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Website - Page 2

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