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Build-a-Bear: More than just a bear


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  • Itzel Guzman, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Geena Montes, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

One of the biggest challenges Build-A-Bear faces is that parents believe this is just a store that sells overpriced stuffed animals to children. Toys that kids will forget about after a short while of play. This campaign is designed to change this perception and it’s divided into three parts.


Prices can rack up when building a bear, especially when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. The solution is to create a price sheet and redesign the store so it’s easy for parents to set a budget without taking the freedom away from the kids to choose different options.

When a family walks into a Build-A-Bear Workshop they will be met with the greeter. The greeter will give the parents a sheet with different packages that they will be able to choose from based on their budgets.

Based on the package the parents picked out, the children will get a corresponding colored wristband. They will be able to freely choose items from the shelves that are the same color as their wristband.

The stuffed animals, clothes, and some limited accessories will be organized by color in the store. The colors will be the same as the packages and the wristbands.

Close-up of the labels in the stores


There are times where adults forget what it was like to be a kid. Build-A-Bear is here to remind them of the real impact a stuffed animal can have on a child. Because Build-A-Bear is not a place where you buy teddy bears, it’s a place where a child can build a friend.

There will also be pre-rolls in which the print ads will come to life. A bear and a child will experience an event together and everything will be narrated through the bear's point of view.


There are a lot of moments in a child’s life that you would like to capture. But storing photos and videos on social media about their children can make some parents feel unsafe.

Storing them on your phone can also be unreliable. You run out of storage quick unless you save them to the cloud. And sometimes even if you do that, they just stay there and you do nothing with them.

To solve these problems Build-A-Bear is creating a new app, Build-A-Bear Moments.

Build-A-Bear Moments is a platform for both parents and children where they can have a virtual scrapbook for the moments they want to remember. Take pictures within the app or import it from your camera roll.

Then organize pictures and videos however you want. Decorate them with stickers, markers, and much more. Then you have the option to share what you like or safety keep everything stored in the app.