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  • Benjamin McConnell, Copywriter, 3rd quarter
  • Audrey Creamer, Art Director, 3rd quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign


  • Winter 2020

There are only two countries in the world where bond agents are standard practice. One is the Philippines. We'll let you guess the other.

Until that day, someone should make the advertising half-decent. We spoke with bondsmen. The number one reason someone needs a surety bond is so they don't lose their job. Bondsmen accept credit cards. Clients are evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on risk and ability to pay. Sometimes it's a just gut feeling. If you can't make bail in Atlanta, you'll sit anywhere from 2-8 months in county awaiting trial.

Jail isn't funny and shit happens. We want to humanize a dehumanizing process. Making the ads memorable, share-worthy, and a little cutting makes them something you'd take a photo of. Which means you have the number of a bondsman in your phone. You know, just in case.

(Bonus: Go ahead and call Barry. He may be at the courthouse; feel free to leave a message.)

#3 is kind of a funny story. Ben worked in a kitchen, and the Chef, Jimmy, said the only thing he remembers about getting arrested was that, "his shirt was wet".

Shoutout Smith's Olde Bar for the bathroom.

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