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ALIVE by Miracle Gro


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  • Hannah Newsome, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Mark Murphy , Art Director, 8th quarter
  • Taylor Martin , Copywriter, 6th quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

A Living Interactive Vending Experience (ALIVE) is a vending machine that sells a variety of pre-potted seeds in an instructional container. These plants are easy to keep alive, with their detailed care instructions.

Plant care is a natural solution to improve living and working spaces. Adding a single plant to the room purifies the air and adds calmness to the environment. ALIVE provides detailed steps, requiring little maintenance with an educational benefit.

ALIVE is a brand extension of Scotts Miracle Gro. Each plant will feature Miracle Gro soil in the compostable cup.

Our second campaign takes place three years later, after ALIVE has had more brand recognition. The ALIVE cups are now sold in stores and on the microsite. The vending machine would be placed in more locations outside of college campuses and coffee shops. Now, we highlight what it means to be OBSESSED with plants and to carry the crazy plant mom title with honor. The target is seasoned plant owners who feel bonded to their plants.

This extension shows what it means to take plant parenthood to the next level, by dressing up your babies. Our ALIVE site will feature a store full of plant accessories.