The Problem Child is a band created by mixing grunge and gospel music together. Using elements from each style to create the band’s visual package. I sprinkled a bit of symbolism in there to give a nod to the gospel side. For example, the cicada, whose transformation throughout its life is a symbol for the life, death and resurrection of christ. The designs depict reanimated skeletons skateboarding and in some visuals, offering drugs, living up to the album name, “Christian Rejects.”

The album front and back cover.

The inside of the album includes the skateboarding altar boys.

The CD for The Problem Child.

The front and back of The Problem Child's single, Mother Molly: Temptress.

Poster for the band's upcoming tour.

The band's merchandise, candles.

The band's merchandise, rosary necklace.

The band's merchandise, Skateboards.