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Alaska Pete


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  • Kate Budorick, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Kelly Azbell, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Antonia Bailey, Designer, 6th quarter


  • Advertising — Integrated Campaign

For years Texas Pete has been responsible for starting some pretty gnarly mouth fires. People can’t get enough of our flavor, but what happens when they can’t take the heat? Alaska Pete, that’s what. This new line of mouth cooling products from Texas Pete will provide just enough relief to get people refueling the fire once again.

Alaska Pete product line:
Hard Candy crafted from a soothing blend of honey and lemon.
16 oz of 2% milk curated to soak the smoke of Texas Pete.
A rejuvenating, natural balm of pineapple and orange to provide cool relief for hot lips.

Break Glass style Alaska Pete refrigerators will be installed around the city. They will be placed outside of restaurants where Texas Pete and other spicy food is served.

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