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World Market


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  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

World Market is a collaboration of cultures in one store. In that way, isn’t it the most American store there is?

In our presently charged political climate, this campaign celebrates the diverse cultures that make up the fabric of America.

Manifesto / in-store poster

"Propoganda" in-store poster
Posters are placed near exits of World Market, as a “sendoff” to customers as they leave.

Magazine print ad

World Market chooses interior designers of international descent to design a space using World Market products and furniture.
World Market’s Instagram would then feature these designers, and their spaces, in an alternating format.

Sample instagram post

Users hashtag #GoMakeAmerica to demonstrate how they interact with, and support, different cultures.

The Most American Day takes place on July 4th.

World Market invites food trucks of all different cultures to congregate in one open space. Attendees enjoy dinner in banquet-style seating so that people can not only taste international cuisines, but break bread together.

An invitation to The Most American Day is sent out via direct mailer.

Direct mailer - view 2

Direct mailer - view 3

Direct mailer - all

"Passport" for OOH event
The event entry fee gives attendees five plates of their choice from any of the food trucks.

To document their allotted plates, attendees are given passport booklet upon entry and can get their passport stamped at any food truck.

Passport - inside

Passport - covers