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U.S. Space Camp


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  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign


  • Best in Art Direction

To get kids excited about going to Space Camp, we first have to get them excited about going into space. But who wants to leave Earth when you can access endless hours of entertainment without ever leaving your couch?

So we created a planet. Not a Star Wars fantasy planet, but one with conditions and properties that might actually exist in our galaxy. One very similar to the planets NASA astronomers study every day.

Our campaign is designed to create buzz around this mysterious, uncharted planet: VB-82. Those daring enough to venture a bit further will discover that the real adventure starts in Huntsville, AL.

A travel brochure sent to prospective campers (specifically ones in STEM schools and Boy Scout troops) will tease VB-82, providing a small glimpse of what life might be like on this strange world. The brochure will also come with a patch for future VB-82 explorers.

Direct mail - closeup

Direct mail - closeup 2

Direct Mail - flattened, front

Direct Mail - flattened, back

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

VB-82 patch sent with direct mail piece

We’ll strategically place “travel” billboards on the highways in and around neighboring cities, like Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis and Nashville.

Billboard 1

Billboard 2

To showcase the unique atmospheric conditions on VB-82, we’ll release a series of preset filters for kids to download and apply to their own Instagram photos.

VSCOx Filter Collaboration

Custom VSCOx filters

"Recruitment" posters will be sent to schools. Space Camp instructors will travel to nearby schools to sign up a new wave of “crew members” who want to learn more about VB-82 and space travel. They’ll hand out astronaut food samples and sign kids up for the Space Camp newsletter.

We’ll create a Google Maps page for Space Camp that will show information referencing it being the training grounds for VB-82.

All ads will ultimately push viewers to the VB-82 microsite, where we’ll reveal that Space Camp is the first step toward a much bigger universe.

Microsite (The Big Reveal).

Space Camp Microsite - full