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The Vatican Tourism


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  • Juan Garza, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Christian Zerbel, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Duncan Spear, Art Director, 5th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

While many young people set out for Europe to find themselves, a lot of them are just looking to party.

How can The Vatican possibly compete with the most debaucherous places on earth?

It can’t.

But what it can do is let them go home with a clean conscience, by becoming the final destination on their trips.

The red-light district in Amsterdam is infamous for its, you guessed it, red lights. This billboard will be placed in the heart of the fun.

Paris is known for a lot of things, among them, its raging club scene. This signage will sit next to one of the raunchier ones.

Everyone loves Oktoberfest. Even God. But what God really loves is your eternal soul.

To find a sinner, think like a sinner. And go where they go. We’ll build pop-up confessional booths in places like the Red Light District in Amsterdam, outside Techno Festivals and leather clubs, Oktoberfest and wherever else pleasure mongers roost.

But what’s in it for them?

Travellers who pour out their souls will be awarded a stamp.

Three stamps can be redeemed for a Eurorail pass straight to The Vatican.