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The Vatican.com – The Signs are Everywhere.


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  • Christian Zerbel, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Casey Fielder, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Juan Garza, Copywriter, 5th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if God is reaching out.
But when He does, it’s stange and highly personal – rarely clear.
And it’s certainly never through traditional advertising media.
But what are these signs trying to say?
Simple: go to vatican.com

Follow the Signs.



Don’t see it?

Some people won’t. That’s the point. Signs are personal and not everyone gets one.
We’ll create murals like these all over major cities.

Those who do recognize the symbols will feel compelled to investigate the meaning further.
And we’ll make it easy for them -- with a URL.

On the First Day there was Light.

Seems only natural He would reach out to people with it.
For a few moments every day, when the sun is just right, the chosen few waiting at the bus station will see a sign from the Big Man himself.
What does he want? Easy. Head to vatican.com

Heat-activated invisible ink is quick to appear, and disappear. You might not even catch it. Placed inside airports and train stations, travellers who wash their hands after going to the bathroom will get a glimpse of The Virgin Mary.

Then maybe, they’ll start looking for signs from God (or vatican.com) everywhere.

Parting water is sort of His forte.

Using rain-repellant, we’ll create images that will only appear when it rains.

On a sunny day we’ll stencil rain-repellant onto every car in a parking lot. Then all the drivers will go home, unaware.

Maybe it doesn’t rain for a week or a month. But when it does hundreds of cars spread out across a city will simultaneously get their very own sign.