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The Political Make Up


  • Xochitl Orozco, Art Director, 5th quarter
  • Aaron Araya, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Kevin Magarity, Art Director, 8th quarter


  • Advertising - Print

Il Makiage is a makeup brand for bold, unapologetic woman. Why not bold, unapologetic politicians? Each ad would run as a billboard throughout New York, the same as the previous campaign, but would focus on the maximalist as a person – in this case, a politician. Future iterations could feature athletes, movie stars, and singers – real life maximalists engaging in relevant, satirical speech. As a media buy, these billboards would hang for a few weeks at most, so we wanted to make advertising that was guaranteed to impact online conversation long after the campaign ran its course. What better way to expand the reach of Il Makiage’s message than to have it join a larger conversation?