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Sun Joe


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  • Sydney Lippman , Art Director, 8th quarter, visit portfolio
  • Rachel Nagpal , Copywriter, 5th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

Manifesto that will be printed on the side of Sun Joe's box

Manifesto will come on the side of the box


Targeted billboards near home improvement stores

Tiny Lawn Installations

Tiny lawns will be placed in urban cities and other targeted areas.

Deed and Microsite

1000 Sun Joe customers will be the proud owners of 1/1000th of an acre of land somewhere in in the US. These people will receive a fake deed with their lawnmower, coordinates of where this patch of grass lives, and a link to a microsite. Once they venture to the microsite, they will get to type in their coordinates, and see a live cam of their little grass patch.