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Radiance Festival Poster


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  • Alex Kirsch, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Jasmine Paylor, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Guerin Kline, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Carlos Freire, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Darias King, Art Director, 4th quarter


  • Design - Books / Music / Posters

The brief was to pick the 2019 color of the year for Pantone. The color of the year is a reflection of the current state of society and provides commentary about what the future holds. Based on our extensive research regarding societal, cultural, and political trends, we chose 171c. We felt 171c reflects the essence of all humans regardless of race, as we all contain an orange hue in our skin pigment. To launch and promote Pantone's color of the year for 2019, we decided to design a week-long festival starting on 1/7/19. We named the festival Radiance and decided to hold the festival in Lebanon, Kansas, the direct center of the United States. This is the poster we designed to promote Radiance.