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Party City


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  • Jake Christensen , Copywriter, 6th quarter, visit portfolio
  • Sarah Johnson, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Carolyn Bowler, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

Party City is the ultimate destination for affordable party supplies.

So let’s treat it like one.

Commuters will be transported to Party City on fully-tricked out party buses.

Updated signage will alert travelers that they are entering Party City limits.

Party City is sending subscribers a monthly surprise party directly to their door. For $20 a box they get all the supplies needed to celebrate the party of the month.

Mechanical Piñata Rides will be installed in bars and nightclubs. Riders who can cling to the bucking paper-mâché beast the longest will win candy and an all expenses paid vacation to Party City.