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MOOSE by Marvin Dreary



  • Design - Books / Music / Posters

Front and back of album/vinyl cover design.

Marvin Dreary's debut album, MOOSE, is a torrential series of emotions. Marvin gives a glimpse into his past and his thoughts on what's to come as he allows us to dive into the syrup-like waters of his mind. The album's artwork captures the content as his somber state-of-mind stains his form, while the causes of his current state fluctuate behind him. Full list of deliverables includes album cover, tour poster, and merchandise.

Promotional poster for The Dreary Tour. Viewers take in the landscape of the poster as they follow along with the lines flowing information set against the fluctuations of the waters below.

Front and back of tour merch tee shirt. Using the skeletal nature of the outlined Bluu Next typeface to deliver the longing message "Where Have You Been?" which also acts as a double entendre when paired with the "The Dreary Tour" type mark below.