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Moja: Start the conversation early


  • Sabatani Shetu, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Jazmyn Wormley, Art Director, 3rd quarter
  • Aaron Marshall, Copywriter, 3rd quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

In today's society, Americans live in a melting pot of experiences, cultures, and identities. Children may be curious about their diverse peers and ask questions parents may not have the answers to. Moja is an interactive storybook that brings characters of all identities, cultures, and disability levels together so that kids aged 7–15 can learn about people from a diverse view. Moja lives primarily as an app where children can play games and learn about characters from all over. The interactive storybook is an add-on item that can be purchased at an additional cost through the app. The pages of the book contain interactive images that unlock new games, characters, and stories. Kids can scan these images to bring them life digitally. Moja starts the conversation early.