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Lilith Erotic Cinema


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  • Alyssa Trocina, Art Director, 5th quarter
  • Caroline Stamy, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Juan Garza, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Emily Demario, Copywriter, 5th quarter
  • Sarah Ruiz, Art Director, 5th quarter


  • Design - Branding

Lilith’s website is our main product. We designed it to be easily navigable, putting storylines at the forefront. Counteracting the style of other porn sites, Lilith uses softly sensual images and colors to create an approachable user experience.

On our spotlight page, users can find empowering articles about taboo topics in women’s sexuality, written
by the women of Lilith.

After subscribing to Lilith, patrons will receive a candle encouraging them to spend 40 hours on self-care (the amount of time it takes for the candle to burn). We will also offer the candle in our online shop for those without subscriptions.

Our modernized Kama Sutra will feature sex positions incorporated with modern technology to emphasize its importance in modern day sex. We will place this collateral in our online shop and in independent bookstores, coffee shops, and sex shops.

On Instagram, Lilith will use promoted carousel posts to highlight the narratives surrounding our pornography with a modern twist.