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Lego Made


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  • Mikey Kelly, Designer, 6th quarter, visit portfolio
  • Carolyn Bowler, Art Director, 6th quarter
  • Ben Kalijanen, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Ricky Depugh, Copywriter, 6th quarter


  • Design - Branding


  • Silver

MADE is a line of home furnishings and decor for the modern adult. The line features products like lamps, desks, and serving trays to name a few. These products come built, and aren’t just for show. We’ve integrated iconic LEGO shapes that aren’t just interesting, but they’re rooted in functionality. These stunning pieces won’t be the standard, multicolored plastic bricks, but will have finishes like iron, wood, and copper; making them perfect for adults who’re still able to dream big, and use their imagination to fuse modern aesthetic with functional design.

Sent out to cutomers upon request through our microsite, the swatch kit includes our look book and a sample of 4 selected product finishes.

Product tags are used in addition to retailer tag.

We’re going to have an after hours event for adults 21+ at LegoLand. We’ll be inviting creatives from each major city. It’ll look and feel like a gallery opening, and we’ll officially launch LEGO MADE.

Four years after our initial launch, LEGO MADE has stayed true to our mission, keep building. With years of success under our belt, it’s time to give back. These ads would be placed in the streets of major cities.

"Become inspired in a customized environment when you vacation in our personalized room designed by LEGO MADE. Located in major U.S. cities, profits from each stay will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to rimind the world to keep building."